A Guide to Weddings in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Weddings in Acadia National Park are a breathtaking and unique way to exchange vows and start your life together. Set in one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, surrounded by lush forests, rugged cliffs, and sparkling oceans, Acadia National Park is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. Whether you’re looking for a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, there are plenty of options available to make your special day unforgettable.

Below is a high-level comprehensive guide to planning your wedding in Acadia National Park:

  1. Choose the perfect location

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is where you want to get married in the park. With over 47,000 acres of land and over 120 miles of coastline, there are many breathtaking locations to choose from, each offering its own unique charm. Some popular locations include Jordan Pond House, Thunder Hole, Sand Beach, and Otter Cliff. Consider the number of guests you plan to invite and the time of day you prefer for your ceremony when choosing a location.

  1. Obtain a permit

Acadia National Park requires a permit for all weddings and events. The process is relatively simple and you can find all the information you need on the park’s website. You will need to submit your application at least four weeks in advance of your wedding date and pay a fee, which varies depending on the size of your event and the location you choose.

  1. Choose your vendors

Once you have your permit, it’s time to start thinking about the vendors you’ll need to make your day complete. There are many talented wedding photographers, florists, caterers, and musicians in the area who can help you bring your vision to life. Consider reaching out to local wedding planners for recommendations and to ensure that all the vendors you choose are familiar with the unique challenges of planning a wedding in a national park.

  1. Make transportation arrangements

Depending on the location you choose, you may need to arrange transportation for you and your guests to and from your ceremony site. There are shuttle buses available in the park, or you can consider hiring a private bus or limousine. Make sure to factor in transportation costs into your budget and arrange for transportation well in advance of your wedding day to avoid any last-minute stress.

  1. Plan your ceremony

Once you have all the logistics in place, it’s time to start planning the details of your ceremony. If you’re planning a traditional wedding, you’ll need to decide on a ceremony format, choose your wedding party, and select your music. If you’re planning a more informal or non-traditional ceremony, consider writing your own vows or incorporating elements that reflect your personalities and interests.

  1. Plan your reception

Your wedding reception is a time to celebrate and make memories with your friends and family. Consider having a picnic or barbecue on the beach, a fancy dinner at one of the park’s restaurants, or a cozy gathering at a nearby inn. Make sure to book your reception venue well in advance, as many popular locations in the park can get booked up quickly.

  1. Be mindful of the environment

When planning your wedding in Acadia National Park, it’s important to be mindful of the environment and the park’s rules and regulations. Make sure to dispose of any trash properly, avoid using decorations that could damage the natural environment, and respect wildlife and park regulations.

  1. Hire a wedding planner

Finally, consider hiring a wedding planner to help you navigate the many details of planning a wedding in a national park. A wedding planner can help you with everything from finding the perfect location and vendors to ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day of your wedding.

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